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When you need trust in a trustless environment

Making a high-value transfer in crypto, for example, buying a property and do not want to pay upfront and wait if the other party fulfils the transfer?

In FIAT world you would use notarial escrow or similar instrument as a safeguard.

But what about crypto world?

Do not worry we can safeguard the transfer for you.

TEDSIG cryptocurrency escrow: Welcome


You can trust us

tedsig is a collaborative project combining law expertise and IT security aiming at providing services of a trusted third party in cryptocurrency transfers.

Our team comes from an established law firm Blockchain LEGAL specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain law and IT security professionals from company Citadelo.

We fill in the gap in the cryptocurrency environment that makes the high value transfers possible without 

TEDSIG cryptocurrency escrow: About


What We Provide

TEDSIG cryptocurrency escrow: Services

Supervised Transactions

Lightweight fast transactions without much overhead. If everything goes as planned we just supervise the transfer. In case of disputes between the parties, We ensure the money goes where planned.


Safeguarded Transactions

More secure transactions where We check that the agreed conditions have been fulfilled.


Full Custody Transactions

Standard escrow transactions as known from the FIAT world. The funds are held with Us in our escrow and released when the agreed conditions have been met.


What it is good for

TEDSIG cryptocurrency escrow: Features
Stock Market Graf

Cryptocurrency OTC Trades

Make secure OTC trades, Crypto is held in escrow until the payment is made

Estate Vnější

Real Estate Transactions

We can secure the payment while the transfer is processed

Red Truck

Letter of Credit

Pay when the conditions are met

Kombinace Lock Safe

Storage Solution

Short-term secure storage

Credit Assessment_2


Ensure your last will is fulfilled

Business Partners at Work

Custody Consultations

We can help you prepare your own custody solutions

Sample Transaction Scheme

pasted image 0.png
TEDSIG cryptocurrency escrow: Headliner

Meet the Team

Who We are

TEDSIG cryptocurrency escrow: Meet the Team
Pavel Urbaczka

Pavel Urbaczka

Chief Legal Officer

Law expert at Blockchain LEGAL

Profile photo ML BW.png

Martin Leskovjan

Chief Sales Officer

Security expert at Citadelo

Tomáš-Zaťko BW.png

Tomáš Zaťko

Chief Security Officer

Security expert at Citadelo

Radim Kozub

Radim Kozub

Chairman of the Board

Law expert at Blockchain LEGAL


Juraj Bednár

Member of the Board

Security expert at Citadelo

Petr Kučera

Petr Kučera

Project Manager

Law expert at Blockchain LEGAL

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